Nelson International Dealership Review

Nelson International Review

Nelson International Lonestar TruckNelson International is a heavy duty truck dealer in North Dakota and Minnesota. They have been in business for over 50 years and have been continuously growing over that time period.

Nelson International started out in 1963 by a man named Dale Nelson. It was founded in Willmar, MN. Since then they have added stores in Fargo, ND and Bismarck, ND. Most recently they have added another location in Dickinson, ND.

Nelson International is a full service International Navistar heavy duty truck dealership. You are able to buy truck parts at any of the locations, as they have millions of dollars in parts inventory. If you are looking to service your semi and trailer, all locations have full service shop including Navistar warranty work. Also if you are looking to buy or lease a truck, the wonderful staff at Nelson International can assist you with that as well.

Overall, our rating is 50 out of 50 for this heavy duty truck dealership that has been helping out the trucking community anytime they travel through their area. For those lucky enough to live in their area, they have been serviced with A+ service for the past 50 years. From a former truck driver, thanks for doing what you do everyday guys.

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