Email Time Machine sends anonymous emails!

The Email Time Machine software has been called amazing by its users. If you have ever dreamed to send an anonymous email, this is the software for you.

Send Anonymous Email

People are going crazy over this new technology called the Email Time machine. This software can send anonymous emails to anyone and the craziest thing is that they can be backdated and send from ANYTIME! Also this can be used to send BULK email as well. This is bar none the best email technology of its time. The software has been nominated as one of the best software of 2014. We will have to wait and see how they do.

As you can easily tell, this is a video showing a cool time machine and what it’s capabilities are. Obviously this is total off subject, but we thought it shows the uniqueness of this software that this company has built and the importance of it. Thank you everyone for reading and hopefully this has been useful for all of you and not a waste of time. Please read all of our posts and continue to visit our wonderful site. Thanks again.


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